About Headway

Headway's Mission

To bring positive change in the lives of those affected by an acquired brain injury.

Our Vision

To be an internationally accredited organisation that contributes positively to the lives of people affected by brain injury, no matter who or where in Ireland.

Our Values

Headway Values

Integrity is at the very core. Dignity, Respect, Responsibility and Accountability are the spokes in the wheel that give the wheel its strength.




Who We Serve

Headway’s clients are people who are affected by brain injury-both the person with acquired brain injury and their support network of family and friends. We have a range of services for adults which are accredited by CARF International ( www.carf.org ) for brain injury speciality. 




An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can happen instantly to anyone in an accident, fall or as a result of a stroke or sudden bleed in the brain. It is a sudden event which can have long term consequences. It happens to thousands of people every year in Ireland.

A brain injury can make it difficult for a person to return to work, study, to enjoy a social life, to communicate fully with other people, or even to live independently. This can place enormous pressure on the carer and the family unit as well as the injured person.

We are a not-for-profit organisation which was originally founded in 1985 as a support group by families and interested professionals to address the needs of people with brain injuries and their carers and families. Over the last twenty seven years we have expanded, and now provide a range of community-based rehabilitation services for people affected by brain injury, whatever the severity of injury.

We also work to heighten public and political awareness of brain injury and the impact it has on individuals, families and carers. We provide services in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kerry and the South-East, along with a National Brain Injury Information and Support Service and website.

Our mission extends beyond the person with the brain injury, and includes everyone affected including family members, carers, partners, and the wider circle of friends, employers and others.

In pursuit of our mission, Headway provides person-centred services to help people rebuild their lives following injury. These are based on assessment of a person’s needs and their own goals for recovery and aim to maximize potential and quality of life and promote independence.

We work in a multidisciplinary way, and where necessary link with resources or people with specialist skills not available within Headway. Collaboration is a strong feature of our approach and Headway takes a lead in advocating for better sharing of resources, information and expertise both between voluntary agencies and between the voluntary and statutory services.

Here's what some of our service users think about Headway:

What we do

You can get detailed information on what we do in our services section. We have a range of community based rehabilitation services for people affected by ABI, including rehabilitative training, day rehabilitative services, psychology, therapy and family support, information, outreach, community integration and employment services.

View our slideshow and video about who we are and what we do.(or read transcript here)

You can find our most recent annual report here

What is Rehabilitation?

Our document " Rehabilitation following Acquired Brain Injury - a Headway Review of Guidelines and Evidence " explains our theoretical understanding about rehabilitation

Our Approach to Quality

Our services are fully accredited to international standards. Find out about how we implement our quality systems here

Headway (Ireland) Ltd.
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