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A second chance

Posted on February 08, 2011 by Alan Byrne

Although the doctors were great to me; I know all their work would have been for nothing if I did not have a positive frame of mind after my accident.
I had to show some determination and challenge myself to get back to where I was before my injury.

What happened to me was unfortunate but I believe that I got lucky in been given a second chance in life and I knew I had to take full advantage of it and that's exactly what I've done.

I know that there were times that I could have given up my recovery programme too easily as I met loads of patients who have done and I knew I could recover and did so for my family.


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Wow Factor Valentine's Recipes

Posted on February 07, 2011

First of all I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read and comment on my last blog. I really appreciate all of the support and feedback!!

It's that time of year when we can all impress that someone special with our skills in the Kitchen. I am going to share with you all some really easy and stunning recipes, just in time for Valentine's Day. These recipes are very simple but certainly have that extra WOW factor perfect to share with a loved one!!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Cooking!!

Joseph Sherlock.


Wow Factor Valentine's Recipes:

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my next goal

Posted on January 26, 2011 by Alan Byrne

My next goal is to possibly start meeting other people around my age which Is I won't lie a young looking 34!!

My long term goal is to obviously recover more and more which I believe I am doing. I'm in headway since June and they have been great to me and I believe with their help I can only get stronger mentally and emotionally.

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If you meet us in the street...

Posted on January 25, 2011 by Martina C

Hi all long time no blog. Hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year. I only have a few months left in Headway. I will miss the crack we have on a daily basis and the stories.

I cannot remember when I first started in Headway, it is nearly two years ago but I notice a big difference in what I can do now. It is nice to be back reading being able to use the computers, doing work on memory exercises which I had and still have a problem with, but not as much as I did in the past.

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First Christmas at home for five years

Posted on January 17, 2011 by Alan Byrne

I was at home permanently last Christmas for the first time in five years. It felt great being there and again this year.

Although I was in hospitals and a nursing home for up to almost 5 yearsI always knew that I would get home but I also knew that it would be a long journey. As well as the doctors being terrific, I also knew it would of been for nothing if I did not do my share of the work and be determined to recover as much as possible and also stay positive.

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