Living with Brain Injury - A Practical Guide

The Brain Injury Series booklets

Our new publication provides you with information and support you need to make the most of living with a brain injury. The pack contains all the Brain Injury Series booklets.

Living with Brain Injury Pack

The pack includes:

  • A reading guide/bookmark
  • A 2016 Diary, Organiser and Planning Sheets
  • Booklets on: Fatigue, Memory, Attention and Concentration, Planning and Organising, Driving
  • Soft plastic folder for easy storage and portability.

Packs are available for purchase from our store at a cost of €10 plus postage and packing


Early recovery

Living With Changes in Fatigue and Sleep


Coping with changes

Living With Changes in your Memory


Living With Changes in your Attention and Concentration


Living With Changes in your Planning and Organising Skills planning

Dealing with feelings


Moving on

Returning to Driving driving

Getting what you need
after a brain injury 

A pocket guide to useful services Getting what you need  after a brain injury

Getting what you need map

Planners and
Extra Pages
to print





My Organiser


My Contact List pages


Day Planner


Task Planner


Appointment Planner


Return to Driving Checklist

 Publication cover - Headway Driving Checklist