Users Report High Levels of Satisfaction.

1 Jul 2016

Every year we conduct a survey of all our clients, service users, funders, family members and other people with an interest in Headway. The survey uses a system called USPEQ which allows us to compare how we are doing with other similar organisations.

The 2016 client survey conducted through USPEQ (that is "you speak") again shows high levels of satisfaction with Headway. The areas in which we received the highest score were:

  • Respectful of gender
  • Respectful of Culture
  • Respectful of sexuality
  • Staff respected privacy
  • Overall Satisfaction with Services Received

This year a new indicator has moved into our top 5 highest performing areas, one we are very proud of – 99.5% of respondents reported being satisfied overall with the service received in Headway up from 98.1 % in 2014.

Kieran Loughran CEO says "Once again, it is gratifying to know that our service users are very satisfied with service they receive. It is particularly encouraging to see that of the areas indicated for performance improvement, 3 out of these 5 have seen improvements from 2014 to 2016 "

You can download an abridged report here

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