News from the Sunny South East

12 Feb 2017

Here's a brief update on Headway activity in Carlow/Kilkenny, Wexford, Waterford (and Tipp S of course)...

by Catherine O'Hare, Information and Support Officer

The South East region is a hive of activity at the moment.  There are 3 Carers Support Group running monthly one in Waterford, one if Wexford which is co-facilitated with our colleagues in Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and one in Carlow. The Carlow Support Group is benefitting from the experience  of a volunteer,  Helen, who facilitates the group in gentle movement and relaxation.  The group of Carers are benefitting from this and find themselves going home feeling more relaxed and less stressed.  She works with the group for about 45 minutes and I meet with the group when she is finished.  The feedback has been excellent.

 Dormant Account Funding Carers Training

In the South East we have also had the privilege of facilitating the Dormant Account Funded Carers Training.  We began in April 2016 and will finish in 2017.  The group have had workshops on diverse topics such as First Aid, Manual Handling, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness and Communication.  Up to 15 people have attended each workshop and the feedback has also been excellent.

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