Affected by Aphasia? - Research opportunity

28 Apr 2017

Aoife Murtagh, Speech and Language Therapist researching at Trinity College Dublin, is conducting some new research into the effects of Aphasia - a communication disorder common following stroke - on mental health.  She is seeking participants for her study to answer questions in sessions lasting an estimated 30 to 40 minutes. The questions may be answered with the help of a family member.

The research is open to those who are over 18, have been diagnosed with aphasia due to stroke or Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA), and have had symptoms for at least six months. Unfortunately, we cannot include those who have had a brain injury due to trauma (TBI), or those with another significant disability aside from aphasia. Those who have had mental illness can participate, however.

You can download the information sheet about the research here

If you are interested to participate, please contact the researcher, Aoife Murtagh, Psychology MSc student at Trinity College Dublin. Email:

The research supervisor is  Dr Paul Dockree, Associate Professor in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Email:

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