The Scope of Headway Services

What is Headway?

Headway is a community based rehabilitation service for people whose lives have been affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Our rehabilitation programmes are client centred and individualised for the specific needs of each person. Find out more about  us here

Where are Headway services located?

We have services in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Kerry. For exact locations of centres and contact details please click on this link:

When are Headway centres open?

Services based in our centres normally operate between 9 and 5 on weekdays. Occasionally, services run outside these hours to facilitate specific needs.  Because rehabilitation programmes are individualised, the exact number of days or hours you attend is determined by your rehabilitation needs, and will be discussed with you fully, both at initial assessment and throughout the service. 

Are there fees for Headway services?

Headway is a registered charity (number CHY7417), and we receive funding from the HSE.  Copies of our accounts are published in our annual report (available on our website here, or on request). There are no fees for our services.

Who can use Headway services?

  • We will accept a referral from you or your family member or carer or professional working on your behalf, providing there is evidence of an Acquired Brain Injury.
  • Generally, you must be aged 18 and above. Some strands of our services are limited to those under 65 years, this is because of funding restrictions and service appropriateness. Any age restrictions will be outlined clearly with you.
  • You must also be medically stable - Headway does not administer or monitor any invasive medical procedures (e.g. feeding tubes, Foley catheters, injections etc.).
  • You must be motivated and able to engage with the process of rehabilitation. We encourage you to discuss any concerns with us, and our services will be fully explained to you and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions at a Needs Assessment.
  • Headway provides services for people whose main difficulty is their or their loved one’s brain injury and associated recovery. Each referral will be considered individually, but we do not usually work with people whose main difficulties are not related to their brain injury. Where the main difficulty is not clear from the referral form, we will invite you to attend a Needs Assessment and the decision regarding the most appropriate service(s) will be made following this assessment
  • Some people have complex needs which mean that our rehabilitation services are not necessarily appropriate. Where your needs are better met in another service (e.g. addiction treatment programme, mental health services, intellectual disability service, older adult/dementia service), we will provide you with information about appropriate agencies. In this situation, you may engage with Headway again in the future as soon as you are able to benefit fully from rehabilitation.

What services do Headway provide?

Services include a range of both group and individual interventions, which aim at increasing your independence, as well as improving your social connectedness and engagement with your community.  Overall, we aim to improve your quality of life. Please see this section of our site for more detailed information.

How is it decided what service I should get?

Before you enter services, an initial assessment is carried out. You and a family member or support person (where appropriate) meet with members of the Rehabilitation team, where a comprehensive overview of  your situation and your rehabilitation needs is gathered. Together, the Rehabilitation team, including you and your family member/support person develop the best possible individualised rehabilitation plan.  Following this assessment, you are provided with written follow up, containing the outline of the plan and more details of the service. Depending on your needs and circumstances, the Rehabilitation team may also include agents or agencies external to Headway in the plan, including referral agents, employers and nursing home staff amongst others.

What service programmes does Headway Offer?

Our programmes include Day Rehabilitation, Rehabilitative Training, Vocational Training, Community Reintegration, Psychological and Neuropsychological support, family supports, including social work as well as a national telephone helpline (1890 200 278).

Will I have a personal service plan?

Yes. Individual service plans are developed and reviewed in collaboration with you, and designed to reflect your personal goals. The plan is reviewed regularly and adapted to suit your evolving needs/goals. As the service is concerned with increasing your independence, and encouraging meaningful engagement within your own community, discharge is considered from the initial plan, taking account of your needs and goals as well as available support systems, and the strengths and challenges you are facing.  

Many people maintain a long-term engagement with Headway services, perhaps with reducing levels of support over time and a phased and supported return to meaningful engagement with your own community.  Decisions regarding transition through services and ultimately discharge are made by the rehabilitation team, including you and the family/support person, and reflect your needs, abilities and desired outcomes.

How do I access Headway services?

Referrals to Headway services come from a variety of sources including; HSE referral agents, medical or allied health professionals working either within hospitals or within the community.  We also receive many referrals from individuals with ABI themselves, or from their family members. See the section on our site "applying for services" for more information and referral forms.

Who can I speak to for more information?

If you would like more information about our services, or would like to ask a question about your situation, you can contact our Helpline on 1890 200 278 or contact us through our website using this form.

Summary of Headway Programmes

Type of ServiceHow it Works
Rehabilitative training programmesThrough classroom based and individual approaches, we provide the skills necessary for people with brain injury to maximize their independence and progress to a reduced level of support. Read more

Day rehabilitation services

In the Headway day rehabilitation centres, we focus on group and individual work to help people with moderate to severe disability following brain injury improve their quality of life and maximize their potential. Read more
Community reintegrationThrough a completely individually tailored approach, we tackle barriers to participating in local community life and help to increase the person's level of independence. Read more
Employment/Vocational  supportFor people wishing to return to employment, our aim is to work with people individually or in groups to facilitate re-entry into the workplace, training or other vocational settings, e.g. volunteering. Read more
Psychological and neuropsychological supportWith our team of experienced psychologists and neuropsychologists, we provide assessment and help for people on an individual or group basis. Typical ways we work include: Education, cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy or counselling. Read more
Family SupportWe provide family education, support groups for family members and individual counselling for family members coping with the aftermath of an acquired brain injury. Read more
Telephone/Web based Information and SupportOur lo-call National Information and Support Telephone Helpline (1890 200 278) operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to answer questions on all aspects of acquired brain injury, or to provide a listening ear where needed. Read more