Accessing Your Local Community & Employment (Dublin, Cork, Limerick)

Headway Cork participated in a community boat building activity with Meitheal MaraHeadway's community reintegration services, available in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, aim to increase your ability to live or work independently in your own community following acquired brain injury.

"The programme helped give me the confidence to get back out into society on my own again. I probably wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of Headway."

Individual Approach

Following an initial assessment, we work with you one to one, to help you clarify and set your own goals. Then we support you in overcoming any challenges you face in achieving them. The service works by supporting you gradually to develop the confidence you may need to overcome barriers that prevent you from achieving your chosen goal.

Our staff will provide you with practical and emotional support and information and help you to:

  • Research and Identify local opportunities for activity, training or employment
  • Practice the skills you will need to undertake the activity
  • Assist you to get going with your chosen activity
  • Identify any problems that arise and work with you on resolving them

At every stage the staff are available to offer practical assistance, encouragement and ongoing support.

As your confidence develops and you become more independent in your chosen activities, the level of support you need from the service will decrease, but the staff are still available for you to contact if you need.

"I love the feeling of having something to get up for every Monday morning. The girls in the shop are great, and I have a real laugh with them. It has given me structure to my week, and while sometimes I find it tiring, I know it is important for my emotional well being to be active during the day. I didn't have the confidence to try volunteering by myself, so it was great having Headway staff set it up for me."

Range of Activities

We offer support for a wide range of activities, whether this is just getting out and about outside the home or for activities that require a greater level of independence such as taking up further training, volunteering or employment.

The type of activities offered will depend on what is available to you locally, but some examples of activities that we have helped people undertake have been:

  • Gym attendance
  • Travel training
  • Work experience placements
  • Money management
  • Shopping
  • Home based activity, e.g. Cookery
  • Darts/bowls/snooker
  • Further education
  • Going to the cinema
  • Using restaurants/coffee shops
  • Using the Internet
  • Job searching
  • Interview skills
  • Volunteering
  • CV writing

The type of activities that you do will be those that you choose yourself based on your own interests and goals.

"I am now able to travel on my own and not rely on the support of my family. That was a big thing for me! I felt like I was a burden on them as I was relying on them for a lot of things but now I can do it on my own."

Who can apply

Adults aged 18 to 65 with an acquired brain injury, see  How to apply