Day Rehabilitation Services

Day Rehabilitative Services (Dublin, Cork, Mallow, Cobh, Limerick)

The service brings together people with an injury to take part in group and individual work with a creative and rehabilitative approach. Clients are supported to work towards their own goals with the aim of the service to support people with an acquired brain injury to reach their potential in daily activities of life.

What are the aims of the programme?

The Day Services Programme aims to bring together people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) to participate in a programme of activity tailored to their needs. The approach is client centred and combines a range of cognitive, social, educational, creative and rehabilitative activities in a supportive environment.The aims of the programme are:

  • To improve quality of life and enable participants to live life to their fullest potential
  • To promote the development of new skills that increase a person's ability to function at home or in the community
  • To consolidate existing skills and enable participants to capitalise on their abilities
  • To increase self-esteem
  • To promote self-awareness

Programme Structure and Content

The programme is divided into two areas: Group Work and Individual Client Work.

Group Work:

The focus of this programme is client centred and combines a range of practical based and cognitive activities. Group work encompasses a creative and rehabilitative approach to enable clients to meet their full potential in the areas of physical, cognitive, behavioural/ emotional and social development.

Individual Client Work:

This programme is also client centred and involves key workers working with clients to identify Strengths/Needs and to Develop Individual Goal Plans on areas of development appropriate to their needs e.g. compensatory strategies, transport training, ADL's etc. Depending on the individual client goals these areas of development can be facilitated in either a theoretical and/or practical based session.

Programme Design and Evaluation

A multidisciplinary team of health professionals with extensive experience of brain injury design and deliver the programme of activity. Art, drama, literacy, gardening and ceramic therapists are often used to support the team in the programme development.
The programme is evaluated at the end of each module and the feedback of the participants is taken into account during the development of the subsequent modules. In this way, the programme is continually adapting to the needs of its participants.

Location and Duration

Day Services runs centres in two locations in Dublin -  Our centre in Blackhall Green, Dublin 7 and in Sandymount, and also in our centres in Cork, Mallow , Cobh and Limerick.

Days of operation

Cork: Ballincollig – Monday Through Thursday
Cork: Mallow – Tuesday & Thursday
Cork: Cobh - Wednesday
Dublin: Dublin North (Blackhall Green)—Tuesday and Friday
Dublin: Sandymount—Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Dublin: Dublin West (Blackhall Green) —Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
DRS Limerick – Monday to Friday

Other Information

  • All Day Services locations are wheelchair accessible.
  • Participants must arrange their own transport to and from the centre/s. If participants have a specific difficulty in this area they may discuss it with the staff at the centre/s.
  • Participants are requested to bring their own lunches.
  • Entry to the programme can occur at any point during the year. Some participants can attend for longer than a year.
  • There is no charge for the Day Services Programme.

Who qualifies for entry to the programme?

Participants must have an acquired brain injury and be aged 18 or upwards.

How to apply